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Kitchen lighting plays an important role in the overall interior design. Both practicality and decorativeness should be equally considered when planning the lighting scheme for a modern kitchen. The rule of thumb is to properly combine general, accent and task lighting. Beautiful contemporary pendant lights are usually used over a kitchen island and can be a great focal point of the room while being practical too, as they provide a sufficient lighting of a work surface. But some more light sources should be added to complete the right lighting scheme of a modern kitchen. Under cabinet lighting, wall lamps, recessed lighting, track lighting system can be installed for both functional and decorative purposes. Mixing different light sources together is vital for the proper contemporary kitchen lighting.

Moreover, many homeowners combine kitchen with a dining room thus creating a large dining area. In such cases proper lighting is even more important because your family and guests will spend a lot of time in this place, and besides functionality and decorativeness, the light should also provide an entertaining atmosphere.

Effective Kitchen Lighting Ideas Tips

Almost any kitchen can be renovated in accordance with contemporary design ideas, in case if you prefer modern style rather than traditional designs. First of all, think over the concept of modern kitchen lighting, especially if it is combined with a dining area. This place should be both attractive and practical, so be sure to install different light sources for all possible situations. Some lights can create a soft diffused ambient light for romantic ambience, while other sources can illuminate the working areas properly. Again, only a well-thought-out combination of different types of lighting will create the appropriate lighting scheme in contemporary kitchen.

kitchen lighting

Let’s take a closer look at these different type of modern kitchen lighting:

General lighting should provide a nice inviting flood light from above. Usually different types of ceiling lights are used for this purpose, such as chandeliers, pendant lights, flush mounted lights, recessed lights and many others. These lights are usually not used when there’s enough daylight through the window.

Accent lights, or as they are sometimes called, design lights are used to set the mood in a room. These lights are not too bright and should not be used to illuminate the whole kitchen. Accent lights are used in decorative purposes, they can highlight some spots in a kitchen, accentuate certain colors or light up a focal point if you want to. Often designer lamps or light fixtures are used for accent lighting, as they draw attention and are an important part of interior design.

Task lighting is usually less decorative but sometimes even more important, as working areas should always be perfectly lit. Completely forget the aesthetic side is a bad idea though. Luckily there are loads of awesome lighting products on the market today that can be used as task lights in a contemporary kitchen. Pendant lights are used for kitchen island lighting and dining table lighting, under cabinet LED lights can perfectly illuminate countertops, anglepoise lamps can be easily adjusted to direct the ray of light to the needed area, and track lighting can be used for all of these purposes.

modern kitchen lighting

Three silver pendants are installed in a row over a dining table, making this airy modern kitchen cozy and inviting.


modern kitchen lighting

This single black pendant light over black and white modern kitchen island looks beautiful. It fully complements the style of this gorgeous kitchen.


modern kitchen lighting

This black and white modern kitchen looks fantastic, still the set of copper pendants is just what the doctor ordered for it. These lights create the focal point of this room.


modern kitchen lighting

A fabulous LED backlightcreates a unique pleasing ambience in this ultra modern kitchen. The lighting scheme is complemented with recessed ceiling lights and a gorgeous wall sconce.


modern kitchen lighting

This comfortable white kitchen is decorated with a splendid art glass pendant light over a dining table. The other light sources are ceiling recessed lights and under cabinet LED lighting.


modern kitchen lighting

Pay attention to these magnificent sphere-shaped pendant lights over a dining table. They prevent the room from being a bit monotonous. As a result, this modern kitchen is good-looking and cozy.


modern kitchen lighting

This beautiful white kitchen is lit by the recessed ceiling lights. The working surface is illuminated by the under cabinet lighting, and a nice black pendant completes the scheme.


modern kitchen lighting

This kitchen owes its impressive appearance to a set of exquisite pendant lights.


modern kitchen lighting

This staggering modern kitchen is decorated with an amazing pendant lightover a dining table. The sufficient ambient light is provided by recessed LED lights.


modern kitchen lighting

The interior design of this room looks sophisticated because of a pair of remarkable copper pendant lights over a countertop.

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