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If you need extra storage in your kitchen, it doesn’t get much simpler than a basic wire shelving unit. You can find tall units for around $60 at Home Depot, and with five or more shelves per unit, that’s plenty of space to work with. But if you’ve always thought they were better suited for storing, say, golf bags out in the garage, then these photos may surprise you. Wire shelves in the kitchen can be both practical and stylish! See a few more examples below.

The key, as with any open shelving, is to keep it neat. Don’t cram things onto the shelves. Retain a little breathing room. Create mini tableaus: a hanging row of stainless steel pots; a pretty pastel KitchenAid next to neatly stacked bowls; a row of copper pots with the handles all facing the same direction.

ikea free standing metal kitchen shelves

This is a great place to put a few baskets, too, for those items you’re not keen on displaying outright.

The Benefit in using Free Standing Kitchen Shelves

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